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The reindeer fur is beautiful and exclusive in itself. Due to its rich color and full coat a perfect item for the home. The sizes vary from 110-130 cm in length. The reindeer skins that we sell come directly from Lapland, from the locals called the Sami. The exclusive and rich appearance make the coat very different from a sheepskin or a cowhide. The full and warm colors give your room a special touch. The skin is unique and therefore does not look exactly like the image.
_How do you care for your Dyreskinn® products?
__ • Brush (pet brush) and vacuum regularly
__ • Clean a possible stain with a damp cloth. Do not apply any cleaning agents or chemicals
__ • Allow the fur to dry naturally (not in the sun or over the heating)
__ • Avoid direct sunlight, as UV can fade the dye (only with non-naturally colored coats)
__ • Do not place the coat on a heater or underfloor heating, the coat will dry out and shed

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Afmetingen 110,00 × 70,00 cm